Its been an interesting couple of days making my way out from Lynmouth and met some great people on the path.

The coastline in winter is stunning and I’ve got a mountain of pictures along with some video, but as I’m using whatever WiFi I can lay my hands on there’s just not enough time to get it processed and up loaded (maybe further down the line).

Currently sat in a nice Costa in Ilfracombe after spending the night in Hidden Valley campsite just to do some laundry and get myself all cleaned up for the next few days.

Round up of the Last Leg

The path leaving Lynmouth was easy going as first then got really tough and I knew that making Combe Martin before sunset was never going to happen. While looking for a spot to wild camp a farmer bombing up the lane stopped to ask what I was doing.

After explaining my trip he offered me the use of a field to spend the night in and even rocked up later on with a liter of hot water and a coffee 🙂 Had no use for the water and it spent the next hour at the bottom of my sleeping bag keeping my feet warm.

Walking in the Snow

Finally made my way into Combe Martin yesterday morning after making sure I’d left the farmers field in a good state only for it to start snowing.

Only needed a quick look at Combe Martin to tell me it was not were I wanted to spend the night and with a careful eye on the weather made the short 6 mile hop over a snowy coastal path into Ilfracombe, caught a short bus ride down to Hidden Valley campsite and chilled out for the night.

Changing Pace

I dawned on me that I’ve been rushing this walk and I have no idea why? If it takes the next 2 months that’s OK and found I’m missing out on a lot of scenery just trying to get to the next marker/town.

Moving On

Picked up a pretty basic map of this section of the coast path from tourist information which shows that with the 5 hours daylight left today I’ll be wild camping tonight.

A check of Google earth shows more than a few possible places but we’ll see how that pans out once I get there 🙂


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