Giving up all hope of finding a wild camping spot on the Tarka Trail I rushed the last section down into Bideford just to get back on the coast path for a nights sleep.

Tarka Trail Bideford

Tarka Trail Bideford

The Tarka is a masterpiece of anti wild camping engineering with very few options for whacking up a tent, once your on its hard to get off and not much in the way of organized campsites at this time of year.

With that said its a great walk and if your looking for an easy section of the coast path to enjoy, I’d recommended the nice long straight trail here.

cliff edge camping

LOL, this is the result of putting a tent up on a cliff edge in the dark

Bideford is a strange little place that failed to leave an impression maybe because I was so intent on just getting through it to find a spot to spend the night (with the best I could find being 5 feet away from the cliff edge).

Its amazing the difference a day makes and the picture below was taking yesterday at Instow where the wind was still up but the sun took the edge off and it was pretty warm.

Sunny Instow

Sunny Instow

Weather has Rebelled

Been extremely lucky so far with the weather but even though I knew it was going to be rough this weekend, its still horrible to wake up to a dull/rainy day and have to pack the tent away in the pouring rain.

There’s going to be some hanging around today as the rain is expected to ease off some time this afternoon. Don’t want to stray too far for a populated area at the moment in case mother nature lets loose.

The other worrying aspect is the wind speed overnight and I’ll have to be careful not to be in that line of fire once I finally find somewhere to pitch up tonight.

River Torridge at Bideford

River Torridge at Bideford

Moving On

Looking at the map its unlikely that I’ll be getting any Wifi for a number of days meaning I should (hopefully) be all the way to Clovelly by the time I Write another post.

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