As its the beginning of a whole new year and I’m looking for a quick blog post that isn’t going to tax my brain too much (it’s new years day after all), I thought a run down of some Wild Terrain highlights from 2014 would be in order.

May – Wild Camping Malvern Hills


You may have noticed the Malvern’s come up on a regular basis and that’s mainly because its so accessible for us without taking a car, along with the fact that Michelle feels really comfortable sleeping out there.

We always do this one without a tent, opting for sleeping bags only which means getting the weather spot on. You can read about the latest trip here along with a short video of the hills.

June – Wild Camping Tardebigge Reservoir

Tardebigge-Reservoir sm

One of the few times I get to go solo is when hiking out to a beautiful area known as the Tardebigge (Michelle avoids walks of more than 10 miles like the plague). Walking the right route takes you along endless stretches of stunning canal which have enough of an uphill gradient to make it great exercise.

The full post can be found here.

July – Hitting The 100th Blog Post

fireworks-at-night sm

Even though this blog has been going for a few years I don’t post like a robot, although I seem to be slowly slipping into some sort of routine now (I’ll try to stop). This means it takes a long time to build up website content and reaching the grand sum of 100 blog posts was something worth shouting about (at least we thought so).

You can read how pleased I was with myself here 🙂

October – Moved To New Hosting

Although massively off topic I have to include this because of the change its made to Wild Terrain, not only in easier management of the website but a huge improvement for the visitors due to increases load speed.

We’d been with the same hosting since starting the site and at first everything was fine but as 2014 wore on we began to notice mounting problems cropping up, not only with the site itself but processes that connected to it.

Having no other hosting to work with it took us a while to nail down the problem to the way the hosting was limiting what this website was allowed to do. Jumping ship wasn’t a fun task but the better hosting now in use has made us realize there were issues on the old host from day one.

And that’s it, short and sweet and haven’t even done 500 words.

Think I’m back off to bed now.

Firework Display Photo Courtesy of Wikipedia (Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license)

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