Solar campsite lights are becoming better all the time as solar panel technology advances giving us smaller and longer lasting renewable portable light sources for all our outdoor activities.

Working on a set and forget principle just leave the solar lamp out in the sun all day while you are enjoying the great outdoors and it will be fully charged for you to use when the sun goes down.

In this article we are going to cover the important things to look for when buying a new solar campsite light and show you some of the latest models on the market.

Wakawaka Solar Lamp

Wakawaka Solar Lamp
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L.E.D Technology

By using super bright L.E.D technology instead of traditional tungsten light bulbs there is a lot less drain on the battery in a solar lamp giving you more time between charges and reducing the overall size of the battery making these solar lamps light enough to be carried along with the rest of the kit in a backpack.

What to Look for in a New Solar Lamp

Water Proofing

A good level of waterproofing is needed in a solar lamp as even the summer months can produced quick and nasty downpours and the last thing you need is to be dragging the camp light under cover at the first sign of rain. Any properly designed solar lamp will be fully waterproofed and this is one crucial feature you should look for when choosing a light source for your outdoor use.

Charge Time

The shortest time possible to fully charge the battery is needed here as not every day is going to be constant strong sunshine and the lamp might take a little longer to charge properly if things are cloudy. By going for a solar lamp for a quick charge you are giving yourself extra daylight hours to complete charging when things are not so bright.

Adjustable Light Output

Having the campsite light burning at full power all the time without the option to turn down the light output doesn’t give you any control when using it in enclosed spaces like a tent where it may be too bright. Having control over the amount of light a lamp produces will also let you extend the life of the battery between charges making it an essential feature you should look for when investigating a new solar lamp.

Soladyne 7Inch Mini Solar Lantern

Soladyne 7Inch Solar/Crank Lantern
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Dual Power Source Campsite Lights

Wind up powered devices are common place now and using this technology as a backup for the charge from a solar panel guarantees that you wont be left in the dark even on the most cloudy days.

A few minutes turning the hand crank will top the battery back up and keep the camping lamp lit so you can enjoy the campsite at night.

Hand crank charging technology has become so small and efficient that it is finding its way into much of our personal technology directly or giving us renewable charging sources for use off the grid.

Its use in emergency situations has produce a whole range of hand crank radios and a massive selection of hand crank mobile phone chargers.