You’d think after dragging myself the 20 miles down to Warwick on Saturday, I’d be looking for some rest and yesterday was meant to be spent parked in front of the computer actually doing a little work. All was going well until the sun streamed through the window onto my back, making me feel restless and dumping all the well laid plans firmly in the bin.

Not wanting to endure a long train/bus ride, I popped up to the nearby Lickey Hills for a good stomp around. The Lickeys is one of those rare places where just a short walk inside and all noise from traffic disappears completely, leaving only the sound of the animals and birds that call this place home.

5 minutes off the train and I was cutting through the woodland trying to find the woodpecker that was having a good go at a nearby tree.

lickey hills woodland

Lickey Hills Woodland

Always a Good Source of Mud

The route up to the visitor center does dry out a little at the height of summer, but there’s still those stubborn patches fed by local water sources that make you wish you’d broken out the wellies.

muddy woodland trail


weird shadow selfie

Be honest, does my arse look big in this 🙂

Where’s the Video?

Wanting to get the most out of my GoPro before I drop it in a fire/lake/canal or crush it in one of my regular falls, its found a permanent home in my day pack. Problem is when I got it out, the battery was flat even though I charged it 2 days ago and its not been used.

What can I say, its a new piece of kit and maybe I missed the part of the instructions where it says it needs a charge everyday, regardless if its used or not 🙂

Cutting Wind

Walking around the sheltered woods stopped most of the wind, making it feel almost like a early summers day. This soon changed once I’d hit the highest point of the hills where there’s no cover and could only sit for about half an hour before the cold really set in.

Lickey Hills Beacon

Not Enough Walking

The one and only problem with these hills is they just aren’t big enough and you’ll soon find yourself doubling back if your out for a longer walk. Not ready to go home on such a nice day, I walked the 3 miles into Bromsgrove and planned to find a route across to Redditch and home.

It times like these I’m reminded to put a local map in my bag, because the shortcut didn’t appear and ended up doing an extra 5 mile trek up the side of a busy A road just to get home 🙂

hiking a roads

Struggling up the verge (again)

Still, got another good days walking in and today IS going to be a work filled day (provided the sun stays hidden behind the clouds).

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