A short while ago I wrote about a few new wild camping sites I’d found during a very hot days trekking around my local area. Friday nights weather wasn’t perfect for a no tent wild camp but as I was going on my own and my standards are much lower than Michelle’s 🙂 it was good enough.

lightweight woodland wild camping

Hiding Out Of The Way

Couldn’t make up my mind between the new woodland site or going down to the private estate I fancied the look of, so tossed a coin. The winner was the private land, meaning I needed to be even more sneaky than usual in making my way to the place picked out a few weeks ago.

Getting into the land is easy enough without much in the way of barriers. Slept in many of these places over the years and provided you keep your head down there isn’t usually a problem (usually).

That said each site is different and you’d be surprised how often any security service is tasked to protect grounds along with looking after any buildings.

Thanks to a shortcut I took a chance on, I got to the campsite much quicker than planned. Great for the journey home and future trips but it meant a fair bit of hanging around until the sun started to disappear before making the move to my chosen sleeping spot.

wild camping pit stop

A Little Refreshment While Waiting For The Sun To Go Down

The plan if things went south was to hike up to the second site in some nice woodland and spend the rest of the night there.

Plenty of nettles under nearly all the trees with the only exception (I could see) being the spot pictured below.

wild camping under oak tree

Campsite In The Morning

Natural Shelter

Always grateful for a nice big oak tree and the little bit of rain forecast was right on time but the tree done its job and I only got a few splashes. Even when it downpours, the tree still gives me time to get sorted before receiving a soaking. There’s nothing worse than waking up to a face full of water then spending the next hour trying to get warm.

The excellent sunny morning made the 2hr walk home a joy and if I didn’t have things to do I’d have kept on going and spent another night out.

beautiful sunny morning

Woke Up To Very Warm Morning Sunshine

On To A Winner

A cracking spot for some quiet wild camping and now I know a quicker way its even more appealing than before. As I suspected there’s nobody on this ground after nightfall and this made me feel very comfortable (even for the first time at this site).

The only thing that takes getting used to for me is the number of insects camping in this sort of country brings, its not that I’m afraid of them its just they tend to think they’ve found an all you can eat buffet.

The realization that a large beetle was chewing on my scalp during the night reminded me why I prefer camping on high mountains with a much smaller insect population 🙂

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