Living on the border of Worcestershire and Warwickshire does open up wet weather walking routes in the form of the many lanes that cross the surrounding countryside. Even a few days after heavy rains the woods and field trails can still be hard to walk on with the top soil reduced to a thick layer of mud and its the lanes we turn to for some daily fresh air.

Studley Castle Warwickshire

Studley Castle in the distance as seen from Hardwick Lane

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The start of Hardwick Lane in Studley can be found by turning off the main Alcester/Birmingham road into Castle street, then its just a short walk over a small bridge until it meets the lane.

Once on the lane its a few miles of almost straight road with some easy going gradients along the way and passes the entrance to Studly castle. Once the lane reaches the bypass you can choose to turn around or walk down the A4198 until it reaches Haye Lane which eventually joins the Alcester/Birmingham road allowing you to do a complete circle with a total distance of roughly 5 miles.

Luckily the A4198 (Henley road) has a good wide verge that makes the short walk along it to Haye Lane almost tolerable.

Best Time to Walk

Traffic is light on the weekends compared to the week when knowledgeable local drivers use it as a short cut to avoid the at peak time bottlenecks around Studley . Very little of the lane has any path but be sticking to weekends and being careful on the bends the small amount of vehicles using it shouldn’t be a problem.

up and down hardwick lane

Views up and down a muddy Hardwick Lane

One or two natural water sources and rain run off from the surrounding land can leave sections of these lanes wet even on sunny days and at least some basic waterproof footwear is recommended.

Farmland on warwickshire lanes

Surrounding Farmland

Not having much luck in this part of the UK at the moment these photos are from a recent walk on the 1st of March 2014 when a break in the rain granted us a nice warm day to get out of the house for a few hours.

Warwickshire is covered with excellent walking routes and as the weather improves we hope to cover some of the longer and more challenging “endurance” walks we do every summer along with the usual wild camping trips.

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