So after weeks of decision making, I’ve finally gone and got myself a Go Pro camera. This is going to put some much needed life into the Wild Terrain YouTube channel, which up until now has been badly neglected because the quality of the videos I’ve been putting up has left a lot to be desired.

Not wanting to blow a stack load of money on something that might not be suitable for my needs, I went with the Hero+LCD Go Pro version. That and a good sized memory card set me back just over 200 pound.

go pro plus lcd action camera

Go Pro + LCD

After dragging myself (plus GoPro) on a 5 hour walk over the weekend, I got enough footage to play with. Not only did I have to get used to editing and uploaded the video to Youtube (with the help of the excellent free Go Pro Studio software), but also dealing with the much bigger file sizes that recording in 1080p brings.

Did plan to go all out and get the latest Go Pro, but editing 4K video is a whole other world and my current computer setup just wouldn’t be able to cope.

Below is the first test video that got uploaded up to YouTube.


With enough time out walking to think about where to mount the Go Pro, I thought maybe attaching it to my rucksack shoulder strap would be best. Did consider a chest mount, but this will be impractical (especially in the summer) because its going to take too long to remove if I need to hide the camera and slapping the camera on a head mount is just going to make me look like a total odd ball (more than usual).

But this one horse town I live in has very little in the way of technology shops and although I could get a chest or head mount (at a higher than average price), this isn’t how I want to use the Go Pro.

Hopefully will be passing through Birmingham next week and if there’s not one up for grabs among all those shops, I shall be ordering one online.

First Impressions?

Even though I’ve handled Go Pro’s when out looking to buy one, the small size still gets me every time 🙂

That said the main buttons are easy to get at (even when its mounted) and once you’ve got the settings that way you want, its 2 button clicks to get the camera going.

Can’t wait to take this little camera on some wild camping trips this year and get some great videos up on the YouTube channel.

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