Seeing a lot of these see through bubble tents up for sale at the moment and there’s bound to be a whole lot more released by the time summer swings around. Their design makes them impractical for dragging about in anything but a car and if you take a look at the picture below, you’ll see what I mean.

Cost – Compared to Large Family Tent

Newer things or fads tend to come at a higher price than something we’ve been using for a while and these bubble tents are no exception.

On the surface of things they do seem a little pricey, but that all depends on how you look at it. These are not your typical camping tent and the construction requires that they be fed with a constant influx of air to keep them upright (not something easily done out in the wilds).

Comparing them to a quality large family camping tent gives a bit more clarity to the money side of things, but the design of Bubble Tents gives them a different role than your average all weather carry along tent.

family bubble tent

Life in a Dome

Open to the World

All the pictures of these tents look very nice inside (although the proper bed seems a bit much), but for me this is so far from the general chaos that exits in my tent (especially in the morning).

Would I really want people looking at my gear spread all about the place and the leftovers from last nights supper?

What I do love is the idea of sitting all snug in the dome and being able to see out at night.

A Little Smaller?

There are a few smaller tents that come with some sort of transparent skylight, but I’ve never seen the sort of wild camping tent that’s completely see through. Has anybody experienced anything like this?

It would blow stealth camping right away if turning on a torch inside the tent gave the effect of a 3 foot long light bulb stuck in a field somewhere 🙂 , but I’d like to give it a go (if only to sit out of the wind and still have a great view of the night sky). Even though its more to carry, maybe a light tarp could be used to make the tent less visible if needed.

You can find more details on the tent pictured above over at

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