There are some things way too delicate for backpacking although you get so used to them that its like losing a limb to leave them behind. Even taking away from all the tech that I’m going to have to do without its the much simpler everyday items that will be missed.

Coffee has always be one of life’s pleasures for me and its safe to say that I drink way too much of the beautiful stuff while sat at the computer. That’ll take a hit while camping but I have been looking at something like these Coffee Bags and maybe with a bit of the better longlife milk it may just about be passable.

For the last 16 years its been supped out of my massive Tigger mug and as chunky as the thing is (its survived a few bangs) I doubt very much if a month long camping trip is going to do it many favors (besides it very heavy).

Tigger Coffee Mug

Magically Full of Coffee Again, Perfect 🙂

Already with a nice cushioned spot pick out in the stuff that’s going into storage means it can be used till the last minute, have a clean then be consigned to its new home for the foreseeable future.

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