The sun was out in full force yesterday and I continued the trawl of my local area for places to go and do some wild camping.

I already had a plan to go and check out some private grounds which looked promising from the view Google satellite was giving me (maybe not the best way to pick campsites, more on this later).

With a whole days water weighing me down, I took the time to do a crazy zig-zag path and investigate anything that look even remotely promising.

summer corn fields

Beautiful Summer Corn Fields

Find No 1 : Another Woodland Camp

Set right back from the main Redditch to Alcester road is a large wood and although I’ve eyed it countless times, I’ve never taken the time to go and take a peek because there’s no clear access through the surrounding farmland.

Determined to see if it was OK for camping or one of those medieval woods where every patch of ground is covered with nettles, it took me a whole two hours to find a way in. Time was wasted on a few dead ends where the route was blocked with deep ditches or impassable hedgerow.

I could have easily cut straight across the ripened fields full of corn between the main road and the wood, but I know how hacked off I’d be if someone had stomped all over my crops and was not prepared to do that to another person just to find a place to sleep.

woodland wild camp studly

Dried Out Pond Campsite

By trying each path I could see heading off the main road towards the wood I finally found a way in that didn’t involve climbing over major obstacles and a first look made me think I’d totally wasted my time.

The edge of the wood was made up of tight knit trees with a lot of plant growth in between, probably the worse place for camping. Wasn’t going to give up though as I could see a large patch of redwoods which usually means a lot more open space.

Perfect Place To Cook

My hunch paid off big time with what looks like a dried out pond smack in the middle of the woods. The one end is still a bit damp but the other is on a slight rise and dry as a bone. The added bonus is any fire made here isn’t going to be seen by anybody outside the wood and there’s a mountain of dead wood for the fire 🙂

Find No2 : The Wildcard

Provided you don’t get found out, sneaking over a fence into private grounds can be one of the safest places to sleep. With most people kept away by the signs, its more likely to be empty when compared to an area of national park.

This does come with the downside of having to be as quiet as possible along with doing a good job of hiding yourself away.

This place was initial spotted by using the terrain view on Google maps in conjunction with the few photos I could find online. It looked ideal and was planning to find a good site by the river.

river axe bank

Not What I Was Expecting

Unfortunately the reality of the situation is another story, the summer growth of all things pointed has coated the river bank with a high barrier of nettles and the wood I had high hopes for, is just as bad.

A few hours of wandering around and I was just about to give up until a very nice spot under a huge Oak tree presented itself.

With no sign that anybody has ever used the space and being far enough away from buildings etc, this is the weekends target in what will be the first time in a while that Michelle has felt up to coming along.

Bonus 🙂

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