After spending most of my life wandering, there’s plenty of places around the UK (a little of Europe too) that I’ve lived at least for a while. With walking and camping being a lifelong habit for me, I’ve always sought out the best local spots to practice my passion.

I’m going through a nostalgic phase at the moment with the urge to nip back, see many of these places and how they’ve change over the years. Last weekends target was Gloucester, but more importantly Robinswood Hill (which I’ve always called Matson Hill, being in Matson and all!).

Out of all the places lived in Gloucester, Matson is the most memorable. A good mix of interesting (and just a little weird) people made for some fantastic nights out along with the parties on Matson hill itself.

The nearly 2 decades since dragging myself up through Matson, left a huge gap in my memories and you’ll see in the video that it wasn’t completely obvious where I was meant to go 🙂

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