Going a bit mad being suck indoors recently so risked a bit of a soaking and headed up to Birmingham to drag myself over some of the cities many canals. Watching the heavy snow out of the window on the train journey had me thinking maybe this wasn’t the best day, but I was nicely layered up for just this sort of weather.

Carefully Does It!

Not much scope to give the GoPro a proper work out here because there’s a good chance that someone may try to unburden me of it. The canals near the center of Birmingham are often places where sizable groups of street drinkers hide out of the way and you can just imagine how much cheap alcohol an easy salable item like a GoPro would bring 🙂

fazeley street canal bridge

Starting point, I,m sure you used to be able to walk under this bridge?

Did sneak a little video around the center though with more taken as I moved out of Birmingham. If your used to hiking the nice countryside canal sections then inner city canals can be a little daunting and not somewhere you want to be hanging around after dark.

The police don’t seem to come down onto the canals unless they have to and over the years I was living here only witnessed police on the canals when they were chasing someone. There’s something interesting about watching several policemen dragging themselves over the towpath as their target does one 🙂

belmont row canal bridge

Never a shortage of graffiti 🙂

The Route

Used these easy routes around Birmingham to avoid all the people/traffic when walking home from the various jobs I did while living here. Ten years in one place and no car means you really get to know your why around by foot.

long canal tunnel

Tight Squeeze!

This route goes from the city center, up to Aston canal junction then all the way up to Erdington, with the canal running directly under part of spaghetti junction. The industry that grew up around the canals is mostly still there with hundreds of older buildings currently being used, but they rely on other methods to move their supplies now.

Was going to catch a bus back into the city center, but with just enough daylight left decided instead to retrace my route and see how quick I could do it without messing around with the camera. With a determined pace, the 3 hour outbound walk turned into 1 and a half on the way back.

edrington canal wallk

Moving out of the city

Still getting to grips with the GoPro and although not completely happy with the mounting (don’t really want to walk around holding the thing), its getting easier to take and edit video now.

Weather as Predicted

Its been mostly dry here for a few days, making the towpath much easier to walk on. Even though the usual extra work has been done on the canals around the city, there’s still a few places where it can turn into a swamp at the first sign of rain.

Canal under spaghetti junction

Under Spaghetti Junction

Did have to hide a few times under bridges to avoid my face getting all scratched up from the driving hale stones and there’s a few clips of that in the video.

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