I’m not one for constantly updating electronic gadgets by trading in the moment a newer model comes on the market and will keep using something until it becomes seriously outdated or fails all together. From my point of view I’d prefer to struggle with old tech than wrap my brain around something shiny and new.

Sadly me and my old digital camera have come to a crossroads where its trying its best and I’m doing my damnedest to put up with its shortcomings, somethings gotta give! Trying to get a steady picture is getting more difficult all the time as the focus is way off the mark, those one handed quick shots are long gone and the only way to get a good picture now is to grip the thing maniacally with both hands and hope the earths rotation doesn’t spoil the shot 🙂

Kodak M340

The Defunct Kodak M340

Its all good though when you consider this camera is a replacement for one that fell into water on a cold wet Mount Snowdon morning many years ago (it was in my pocket at the time so you can imagine how bad my day had started).

Another plus side to all this is I have a brand new second battery gifted to me by a mix up in the shop when purchased and I’m sure this will be finding its way to eBay pretty soon.

Shopping Time!

Its possible to take pictures with my Go Pro but for all its virtues as a video camera it churns out only low quality stills (not good for resizing, editing etc). Things have moved on massively since the last camera was bought meaning there’s going to be lots of improvements (even in the entry level products).

Going to get out of my village next weekend, head off to Birmingham and find something shiny (maybe should try for waterproof too).

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