Took a late decision on Friday to do something about my backpack situation (like having a pack that isn’t on the verge of falling apart). Figuring that I could just make the one shop I knew where there’s a good chance of coming away with something decent, I sped out the house and (luckily) straight onto a train.

Tabbing the last 2 miles, I made it just a whole 10 minutes before they were due to shut up shop. Plenty of time for someone how employs the hit and run method of shopping and besides I already had an idea of what I wanted.

You can’t always get what you want

First choice was hopefully going to be an used ex army pack, but they didn’t have anything big enough so settled for the new camo beast in the picture below.

new camo backpack

Its big enough to take all my current kit and when empty is a lot lighter than it looks. Full rain cover is in the lid, got nice big tabs on the zips (perfect for when hands are cold/wet) and huge side pockets. The only thing that lets this bag down is the lack of any webbing on the sides, but I’m sure I’ve seen some you can buy to add to it.

camo rucksack straps

Itching to go

At the moment it looks good and if it lasts me the rest of the year, I’ll be happy with the £55 payed for it. Got all my kit packed away in it now and looking forward to taking the bag for a proper trial by mountain, if only the weird UK weather holds off (snow in April, whats going on?).

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