So after a long while resisting the urge to start buying books again, I’ve come up with a plan to prevent ending up with another massive and space eating collection. The thing is, I went a bit mad with the book hording at one point and only the nightmare of having to shift it all during the last house move made me seriously trim it down.

With interests spanning from the technical (electronics, radio and general engineering) right through history, languages, plants, wildlife, and everything outdoors (along with reading a scary amount of Sci-Fi), it was very rare to leave a bookshop without anything.

This time around though the rules are going to be strict 🙂

Everything that isn’t reference gets taken to the charity shop the moment its been read and even though this sounds good on the surface, that still leaves a awful lot of books that can be considered ‘reference’ and I’m learning to be very picky over what I cart home by only sticking to publications that are practical.

This latest addition (pictured above) was found in a local charity shop and is in great condition for its age (1982) with the ever familiar proper OS maps for every route. Even though its your typical fare hiking guide, there’s good deal of information crammed into its small size and its even given me some new ideas for places to visit/wild camp once the summer roll around again.

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