A high powered lantern is essential for throwing enough light around the campsite once the night has rolled in and the fire has died down. By keeping things ultra light some lanterns offer such low light levels that any benefit is soon lost at even a small distance from the light source.

With most of the weight taken up by the batteries powering the lantern to get anywhere a useable light output over a period of more than a few hours requires doing away with smaller AA or AAA cells and moving on to something run on the more powerful (and heavier) D sized batteries.

Rayovac 240 Lumen LED Camping Lantern

Rayovac 240 Lumen LED Camping Lantern
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Rayovac Sportsman LED Lantern

  • Never Blow 4 Watt LED’s
  • 240 Lumen (High Power)
  • Always on Locator LED
  • Powered by 3 “D” Batteries
  • Water Resistant (See Below)

With a run time of 40 hours in high mode the Sportsman has the capacity for those longer camping trips, managing to function on a fresh set of quality batteries for a few nights is a must for those not wanting to carry too much weight in the form of countless spare batteries.

Almost double the price of the Coleman MicroPacker lantern that extra money spent is given back to you by a much more powerful light output and vastly increased battery life.

Locator LED

Provided there are batteries installed in the Rayovac Sportsman it will flash its locator led every 5 seconds. This is a low battery drain feature for locating the lantern around the campsite at night while its switched off but could be a distraction between you and sleep if your used to a completely dark tent a night.

Removing the batteries from the lantern or slipping a bit of tape over the LED before settling down for the night will solve this problem. Even though the Locator LED uses very little power it will still eat into the batteries if they are not removed before storage (which should be done anyway).

Water Proofing

The gulf between a fully waterproof piece of camping equipment and something that is purely water resistant is huge and anything that doesn’t come with a specific IPX waterproof rating should be treated like all other electrical gear when it comes to rain.

While some camping equipment will happily be rained on for a few hours without developing a problem it doesn’t mean it will always stay that way. Trying to keep unrated camping lighting out of the rain as much as possible will ensure a longer lifespan.


With the classic top mounted lantern handle and a clip on the bottom for mounting to the roof of a tent the Sportsman eliminates the need to carry two different light sources. Simple design and operation of its low and high power levels gives the minimum specification needed for campsite lighting.

The Rayovac Sportsman LED Lantern is available from Amazon

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