In an effort to simplify life, I’ve started reading up on people who choose to dump all possessions and use the money as a route to doing things instead. There are some extreme cases of people selling everything then buying a mobile home (massive in the USA) and touring their country or even taking a slow trip around the world.

Being almost there anyway as far as a minimal collection of ‘things’ goes, I considered ways of making my life a lot more mobile. Thankfully a huge amount of accumulated junk was dumped during the last move, making the next step much easier.

rainy welsh lane

Random Picture from One of my Walks in Wales and its Raining, Of Course!

One prime example of someone who has the chronic travel bug is Jonny Blair from the Don’t Stop Living website (one of the very few Facebook accounts I follow). Spending a huge chunk of his adult life traveling, Jonny has racked up an impressive amount of countries visited and has really taken the time to absorb each local culture.

The backpacking thing used to interest me but would prefer to spend a bit more time in a place than backpacking allows. By trimming down my possessions even more and the creative use of cheap storage, the plan is to spend a few more years moving around and trying to stay in a place long enough to rip up the local camping/hiking routes before making a proper stab at settling down somewhere.

The Impossible Dream?

Not a day goes by without thinking ‘just how far can I take this minimal thing?’, I mean there’s always going to be stuff that I need, right? Need camping gear, can’t stand laptops so will have to own at least one beast of a base unit and a passion for radio communications means there’s always a set of two needed for the hobby.

To illustrate the change, I was once a serious collector of books with a taste for vintage electronic and engineering alongside the copious amounts of science fiction books I owned. Take all the books and combine them with a huge video collection (yep I said videos) and you can imagine the hideous volume of space all this took up 🙂

I now only have a few books with most dropped off at charity shops after they’ve been read, switched over to buying DVD,s (which will probably eventually end up in the same charity shops) and most of my radio gear is now of the portable variety because I like to take it on camping trips.

Having experienced the absolute nightmare of full house moves, the option to hire a small van just big enough to shift my limited possessions seems like heaven.

Tough Rules

If they are serving no functional purpose or just aren’t getting used anymore then items are either giving away or simple binned.

One amazing side effect of this continuous culling is as there’s very little to make a mess with in the first place, any tidying up around my place only takes a few moments (along with being a hell of a lot easier to keep tidy in the first place).

2 Responses to Possessions VS Experiences

  1. Jonny Blair says:

    Hi Carl, thanks for the mention and great blog you have here. I will read more when I get a bit more time. Keep up the good work and follow your passions! Safe travels, Jonny

    • Carl holpin says:

      Hey Jonny, thanks for you kind comment and hope all is going well where ever you are 🙂

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