Imagine having a portable microwave that you can whip out to aid your cooking efforts when out camping?. Well fear not, this is the project well on its way to completion by Wayv and we should see it done, dusted and available to buy in 2017.

Dimensions, Weight and Power Source

As it stands(and taken from Wayv’s website) the unit has a height of 305mm, is 128mm wide and weighs in at 1.2kgs. Most of the weight is going to be in the battery (as with most portable equipment.

Cooking container size is a maximum of 500ml

Here’s a basic video of how the handheld microwave looks at the moment.

The only drawback for camping on foot is once the battery pack is flat it can only be recharged via the mains of from a car. It would be great if something like this could be powered from a host of ‘off the shelf’ batteries (may have to do some testing!).

There’s always the option to recharge the microwave by attaching a portable solar panel and the time this takes would be greatly dependent on how large/efficient your solar setup is along with some prolonged sunshine.

An additional battery pack would double the length of operating time and could be worth the investment if your struggling to heat up enough lovely food 🙂

Acid Test, Would I?

I have to admit not being the biggest fan of microwave cooking, although there’s no getting away from the way they can heat up simple food. Many places won’t tolerate an open fire, sometimes because of a blanket ban or forbidden at certain times of year and it could be a great alternative.

That morning coffee could be cooked up quicker than ever before, something I often miss out on when camping and I don’t function properly without a dawn caffeine hit.

And the Price?

Price wise I think Wayv have pretty much got it right. Roughly converting the $200 cost that Wavy have set, makes around 125 GBP.

You know that once something has been made possible (at least in a way an everyday customer can afford), it blazes the way for shoot offs from the original and this could spawn a whole new range of camping/survival products heading our way.

You can find more information over on the Wayv Adventurer Website

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