The ultimate lightweight solution for any camping trip, the Chainmate survival portable chainsaw folds away and takes up minimum space in your pack. Can be use solo or for taking on bigger jobs one person either end of the Chainmate reduces cutting time.

portable chainsaw

Portable Chainsaw
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Take the functionality of an effective chainsaw without all the weight, a generous 24inch cutting blade lets you tackle bigger logs and no more scavenging around for fallen branches to keep the fire going through the night.

Less energy consuming than taking an axe to full grown trees and a huge space saving over even a basic camping type axe.

Carbon Steel Design

Weighing in at a pound thanks to its sleek design and carbon steel teeth the Chainmate can be used effectively solo or with another person for faster and easier cutting.

Stores away in a small pouch after use that can easily be tucked away in a backpack or use the belt clip so you will always have the chainmate on hand.



Get the most from the Chainmate


Before use spray chain with some WD-40 or other similar lubricant to increase flexibility giving a smoother sawing action with less effort, also apply a little bit of the same lubricant before folding away into its pouch to prevent rusting and leaving the saw ready for its next use.

  • Carbon steel cutting teeth
  • Extremely portable
  • USA made product , designed to last.
  • Comes with belt clip and pouch