The bank holiday weekend is fast approaching and in typical fashion the weather has thrown a moody fit like some stroppy child getting dragged out of a sweet shop empty handed. With a total disregard of peoples timetable and what a sunny bank holiday means to tourism in the UK, the outlook (at the time of writing) doesn’t seem very promising.

Please someone invent a stable method of weather modification!

sunny mount snowdon

Snowdon on a Good Day

My angst is heightened by the fact that there’s very little time for a night on Snowdon left if I want to do away with dragging a tent up to the summit. I know I’ve had all summer to get the annual trip done, but in my defense this years been crazy and to top it off I’m half way through moving house (oh joy!).

The 3 day bank holiday always gives me the time needed for a hard slog up a mountain provided that trip can be slotted in between the mental summer weather at this time of year. Today has been a challenge with very heavy downpours meaning even a short trip to the local shop could result in a total drenching.

I’m prepared to compromise a little on the choice of location (something with less altitude) if only I can get away with the usual sleeping bag and leave the tent at home.

Zero Hour

Long range weather forecasting is difficult when things are changing some much but its Friday tomorrow and I hopefully should be able to get a better idea of how the weather is shaping up this weekend 🙂

Wish me luck!

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