If you watch enough of my videos, there’s a distinct stream of alcohol running through most of them. Trust me when I say that I’m not some sort of hopeless alcoholic, its just like most people in the UK, I like a drink on the weekend and even more so when camping.

This time out though it was a dry wild camp in more ways than one. One of the reasons for heading out on Saturday night was to test out a new ham radio antenna that I bought last weekend, I can feel your eyes glazing over already 🙂

My choice of camping ground was a going to be a challenge from the start because the piece of coast around Perranporth has very little in the way of trees to hang the 51 foot wire antenna from. I managed to get things sorted though (with a compromise) and it turned into a good night under the stars plus being a bit nerdy.

Perranporth Wild Camp Video

The weather got me a bit worried at one point because things were borderline as far as the weatherman was concerned, and thought I was in for a soaking.

The need to deal with the antenna ended up with finding a superb new spot to sleep for the night, and nobody disturbed me even though I spent most of the day and all the night there.

Perranporth Beach

coastal quarry cornwall

perrranporth camp site

cornish coastline perranporth

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