Covering over 500 Square Miles of perfect hiking and climbing landscape the Peak District has long been a favorite for outdoor enthusiasts from all over the world.

This year the area is host to a set of challenge walks that will guide you through some of the best spots of the beautiful and sometimes demanding Peak District.

A walker enjoying the Peak District Challenge route

A walker enjoying the Peak District Challenge route

Organized by the folks over at Peak District the event to be held on the 20-21 September 2013 is set to raise money for numerous charities.

The two day event is being held to raise much needed funds for SALVE International but you can also use the challenges as a method for raising sponsorship money for any charity of your choosing.

Something for Everybody

Whether you are an occasional hiker or the sort of person who likes to run up mount Snowdon on the hottest day of the year, this event has four different routes to suit how much time you want to spend walking and your overall fitness level.

From the modest 25km easy copper route right through to the gruelling 24 hour long 90km stamina marathon gold route where you get the added enjoyment of hiking the through the Peak District at night.

The Peak District at Night

List of Challenges

Copper : 25km, easy ascents

Bronze : 50km, moderate ascents

Silver : 80km, heavy ascents (night hiking)

Gold : 90km over the best terrain in the Peak District (night hiking)

For complete details of all the routes please visit the Peak District challenge FAQ page

Rocks in the Peak District

Marshals will be dotted along the routes to offer refreshments and make sure you are on the right track during the event.

As with all these types of charity events the work is carried out by volunteers so even if you don’t want to walk one of the challenges you can always help to make things run smoothly by offering your services to the Peak District Challenge along with the other volunteers.

If you have never experience walking in the Peak District before this could be a great introduction to this beautiful piece of the UK.

Whatever way and at whatever level you choose to take part in the Peak District Challenge it can only go towards making this event successful for 2013 and hopefully for many years to come.

Visit the Peak District Challenge Website for full information on this event

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