Paintball Sniper Rifles are looking very serious these days sometimes making it hard to tell them apart from the real deal. This beauty is the project Salvo elite sniper paintball rifle, 20 inch barrel and a red dot sight is going to make you very unpopular with the other team.

Weighing in a just under eleven pounds its easy to sling across the back and sprint to the next vantage point.

paintball rifle 1

Slavo Paintball Sniper Rifle
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But what about charging around spraying gallons of paint everywhere, doesn’t playing the role of a paintball sniper take the fun out of the hobby just a little bit.

The Sniper Waiting Game

If you have the patience and no problem being in contact with the cold ground for long periods being the sniper can be a strong tactical advantage to helping your team rule the day. Either finding a good spot to defend your own base or running interference as your team try to take the enemies, having a sniper onside can play a pivotal role in any match.

paintball rifle 2

Slavo Paintball Sniper Rifle
Click Picture for Full Details, Customer Reviews and Pricing

Even if you enemy decides to play a more defensive role you are there for your team mates to help when they mount an all guns blazing assault with the possibility to take out targets that are hiding from fire. For some time the use of snipers in paintball was frowned upon but there does seem to be a more general acceptance recently but like all people passionate about any hobby some players still think its not such a great idea.

Even when taking the way this paintball rifle is used out of the equation and your still left with an impressive looking piece of kit, just don’t get it out in public or it may be mistaking for the real thing 🙂

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