One of my many missions this year is to pump up my knowledge of wild food and whats OK to eat. I wouldn’t say I’m totally useless and have a small selection of things I’m comfortable eating, but its the fungi side of foraging that’s always interested me most and a grim determination not to be one of the many poor people who end up in hospital each year from a rouge mushroom cook out has held me back (Russian roulette was never my game!).

Various Edible Mushrooms

Various Edible Mushrooms

Still with the goal of keeping the options small and sticking to easily identified mushrooms to reduce the chance of mistakes, I’ve been on a wild food self imposed adult learning trip and thought I’d share some of the better online resources that are helping me on my way.

YouTube Foraging Videos

With videos on almost anything you could imagine, you gotta love YouTube and even a quick look served up some very interesting videos.

Identifying Late Season UK Wild Mushrooms

The letter box size of this video doesn’t take away from the great information it dishes out.

Giant Puffball Foraging

This video is rammed full of various edible mushrooms along with giant puffballs, which I’ve seen plenty of times while out camping but never had the courage to cook and eat 🙂

Wikipedia Information

This Edible Mushroom Page on Wikipedia has solid details on many mushrooms with access to pictures on the page and by clicking through to Wikimedia Commons.

Wild Food Guide for your Phone!

One of the handy things I did find early on (and not strictly covering the fungi side of things I was looking for) is a great little PDF from the Wild Food School.

A very light download, its rammed full of the most common edible greens you’ll find growing all over the UK and looks good even on the ancient phone I save for the riggers of camping.

Please Go Carefully!

It goes without saying that eating the wrong plant or Fungi can put you in a whole world of trouble, especially if your camping in a remote spot where any help is going to be a long time coming.

Please do your research and make absolutely sure what your eating is the correct thing and if you can find someone with experience to tag along, point out plants and show you how to cook them, then all the better.

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