As October sets in and the cold weather that comes with it, wild camping takes on a whole new meaning with the light weight kit suitable for warmer summer nights replaced with something a little more robust. This drop in temperature can put some off the outdoors until next year, but thankfully there’s still enough people willing to give it a go 🙂

The collection of YouTube videos this month takes a look at the colder side of camping and although I’m happy writing long detailed blog posts, these round ups are the most fun to do because I get to trawl through a ton of other peoples camping videos!

Spooky Camp on Loch Lomond

A very well made and straight to the point wild camping video with some nice shots of the area surrounding Loch Lomand. There’s also some good pointers when it comes to picking camping kit for the colder months.

Into the Wilds with Dave Wilds

Now this is a bit of a odd video as there’s very little talking and I’m not even sure where these 2 guys are going (or why), add to that random changes in screen resolution with a still picture thrown in every so often and it just keeps you watching until the end 🙂

Bring on the Winter

Don’t get me wrong, I love the summer months but when the weather starts to change and the leaves drop off the trees, it gives me a little bit of a buzz because I know that some messy winter camping is just around the corner.

Thankfully this year there’s lot of places and new equipment I want to try out along with vowing to get my first snowbound wild camping video up on Wild Terrain’s YouTube channel. I may even go without a tent this year and treat you to one of my many half arsed attempts at building a viable igloo 🙂

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