Popped into Newquay over the bank holiday weekend for a bit of drunken fun (one of the things the town does well) and even though its was warm enough for just a T shirt, the constant mist that’s hounding the Cornish coastline at the moment, made things less than fun on the beaches.

Perranporth Beach White-Out

Perranporth Beach White-Out

I knew there was a problem as having lots of time before the next bus (Sunday service is every 2 hours!), I walked the few miles into Perranporth before traveling onward. What was a stunning day to be walking the lanes turned into soup very quickly just outside Perranporth, and as this mist was rolling in off the sea, Newquay would be getting the same treatment.

Newquay Fristral Beach White-Out

Newquay Fristral Beach White-Out

Still a good amount of people out on Perranporth beach though with most taking tents, to at least get some shelter from the cold mist invasion.

Sure enough the sun came out the minute my bus got away from the coast and reappeared again once heading into Newquay. A walk down to the Fristal showed an almost deserted beach with only the usual die hard surfers out in the sea.

Kernow Rocks!

There’s been a ‘thing’ for sometime now where decorated rocks are left lying about for all to find. Spending much time outdoors, I’m happened across lots of these rocks (often in more remote places).

Kernow Rocks Thriller

Kernow Rocks ‘Thriller’

30 minutes out the door on Sunday and the one pictured above was smack in the middle of a path used by a lot of school kids to avoid getting mowed down on a stretch of road without any hope of staying out of the traffic (no path, no verge).

The idea is to post a photo online and re-hide the rock for other people to find. As I was on my travels anyway, it seemed plain rude that the rock shouldn’t come along, and it had a trip from St Agnes all the way down to Newquay.

Leaving on a piece of grass overlooking Newquay beach (hoping it doesn’t get thrown into the sea!) for other folks to find. Maybe it’ll get another trip further afield 🙂

Roughing it with a Plan

Dragging a huge rucksack around pubs only complicates getting in. Weekend door staff usually want a look inside (or plain refuse you entry), and while I don’t mind, having to scoop everything out gets old very very quickly.

Opting for the ‘Hobo’ kit load out meant doing away with any camping kit altogether and just relying on warm clothes. Fine with a dry/warm night, but didn’t figure on the crazy mist, and while its never a problem in short bursts, spending all night in it will only end up in being soaking wet.

Managed to get everything needed for a roughing it session jammed into my new Slazenger Backpack (along with 8 tins of loverly cider!, it needs stretching)

New Slazenger Backpack

New Slazenger Backpack

Shelter was needed and like most seaside towns there’s a bunch of covered seats bordering the seafront. These can be haunted by pissed up kids, so finding one out of the way involved a 20 min walk out of Newquay.

Free Hotel

Worlds Worse Bothy?

Even after having a fair whack at getting drunk, I ended up surprisingly sober when wandering off to my chosen ‘hotel’ for the night, although must confess to waking up with my fleece inside out this morning 🙂

The mornings weather was no better and having had a pretty warm nights sleep (considering the lack of a sleeping bag), it was a massive wake up call once I’d set off in the cold mist (in search of that ever important morning coffee).

Luckily I’m up early (indoors and out) and had lots of time for a spin around the headland to get some nice early morning pictures.

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