Its been a long time coming, but I’ve finally managed to leave the remote (if beautiful) area of Cornwall I was living in, and have got myself all set up in the much busier town of Newquay 🙂

Having had a good go at convincing myself that the wilderness was for me, and although it was bliss for a while, I now know that its not time yet for a full hermit lifestyle and more activity around me is needed.

Sun breakout Newquay headland

Little touches like being able to walk to a whole bunch of shops (and pubs) in under 10 minutes is a joy to behold! (no more hiking 5 miles just to get milk), and Newquay’s just starting to get lively this time of year with the usual stag/hen parties churning up the town center (some amusing, some just a drunken train wreck).

Normal Service can now Resume

Fristral Beach Newquay

If you’ve noticed the HUGE gap in posts on this site, its because getting a decent place to live, right at the start of summer, has really been hell (and time consuming). All the accommodation has been snapped up by the large volume of seasonal workers who head to the coast each year, and those places left were either too big for my needs or massively overpriced.

Along with not going slightly mad in some Cornish backwater, I now have super fast broadband that stays on all the time (instead of randomly dropping out), and much better transport links to the rest of Cornwall.

Planning Ahead

Its been a beautiful bank holiday weekend here (with only brief thunderstorms) and thankfully the little stuff I have to move has meant plenty of time to wander around my new home.

seaview Newquay

Not being able to get out camping has been the hardest, but I’ve marked more than a few inland sites that look perfect for a wild camp (weather permitting of course). Add to this the miles of local coastline available, and its going to be a summer spent out under the stars 🙂

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