Finally having enough of digging around for a pen just to write down this websites details (tricky in wet/windy weather), I’ve splashed out on some basic business cards to make the whole process that much easier.

wild terrain business cards

I’ve occasionally made my own in the past, but when you factor in the price of ink cartridges for my printer (and the rate I was going through them) plus the cost of card , getting them made online then shipped to me is seriously cheaper (and the home made ones did look terrible!)

This lot came from Vista-print, and once you work your way around their card designing system, along with an ordering process full of up-sales (matching mouse mats, stickers etc) its not that difficult.

The picture is of Twmbarlwm in South Wales (the ‘Tump’ if your local), which is right in the middle of my childhood stomping grounds and due to its height/exposed location has destroyed 3 of my tents over the years 🙂

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