Never without a camera we take a huge amount of photos and video not only when climbing but also of our beautiful local area. Some of these pictures are scattered throughout this website across various posts so instead of searching for them we are bringing them all into a new gallery section of Wild Terrain.

sunrise over warwickshire thumb

Winter Sunrise over Warwickshire

We tried this once before when the site was new but with the plugin being a complete mystery to us back then decided the learning curve to get it going could wait, but its been long enough so here we are a whole year down the line and armed with a much better grasp on WordPress its time to get our pictures on view.

Much To Do!

Its going to take some time to get many years worth of photos crunched, re-sized and uploaded and its one of the things we have in store this year to grow this websites content. Due to the different subjects there will be sub sections within the gallery itself to make finding things easier.

The Gallery can be accessed through the main menu bar or the gallery icon on the top left hand side of every web page.

At the very least you’ll see what we get up to when not chained to computers, now if we can only get the photo descriptions to show up all the time 🙂

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