Taking a look at our outdoor equipment we realize its time to replace a few things before they fail on us and because we try to do without a tent when ever possible the idea of changing over to wearable sleeping bags seems more and more appealing.

The thought of not getting having to crawl out of a toasty bag into the cold morning air sounds good but just how practical are they?. From a no tent wild camping point of view sitting around in bag suit until its time to keel over and sleep looks great. Having to move short distances in the middle of the night has got to be easier also without getting pulled out or tangled up in a traditional bag (even if your just dragging yourself across the ground).

Selk'bag 4G Classic Synthetic Sleeping Bag Black Anthracite

Selk’bag 4G Classic Sleeping Bag in Black
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Selk’bag have a large range of the sleeping bags in different ratings and colors including a very bright lemon color one that will hopefully stop fellow campers stepping on you during the night 🙂

Michelle (the other half of Wild Terrain) is sold on the idea almost to the point of over excitement, hardly surprising for someone who spends every moment in the house dressed in a onesie.

After a quick trawl around the local camping supply shops there doesn’t seem to be much of a choice but we do live away from it all a little bit so to get the ones we want at a price that makes it feasible we’ll get them online.

If all go’s we should be properly kitted out for our second no tent wild camp on mount snowdon planned for the end of June. Couldn’t think of a better place to do the road testing.

The Continued Search for Durable Boots

I remember the days when a pair of boots would last at least 2 years but the rate I’m going through them these days is frightening. OK some of the ground we cover isn’t the easiest still I should get a bit more use out a pair, and I’m not talking about budget fodder that you can pick up for a price of a takeaway either!.

Always ready to take a funny cheap shot Michelle is more than happy to point out the little bit of extra weight I gained over the winter as the reason for tearing through boots. That may be right but I’d just like to remind her who’s the first to the top of the mountain even with a few extra pounds eh!.

So in whats becoming a slight obsession Ive got my eye on some of the Scarpa pro boot range but will have to find them stocked locally as boots are the one thing I won’t buy mail order.

Your Input Please

If anybody has experience with long term use of wearable sleeping bags we would welcome any comments you have (good or bad).

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