I’m always taking pictures when out hiking or camping and there’s only so many needed for this blogs posts. This means that so few of them ever see the light of day, but no more!

I’ve slotted in a gallery plug-in so now every picture will get a permanent visible home instead of sitting forgotten in a folder somewhere on my notebook. Its been a slog to resize them all/strip out duplicates and I dread to think how much its going to add to the backup file size of this website as it get filled out 🙂

You can see the New Gallery Here and there will be a link to it in the top menu bar once I’ve tidied it up a bit to free some space.

Nextgen Gallery

The gallery is configured so new photos will always show first thus saving you flipping through stuff you’ve already viewed to get at the new pics and we’re off to a flying start with 339 images already for you (mostly coastal pictures).

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