Got hold of this information a while ago and you may have read it already as it was filed in a place were I’d most likely forget about it (and it was). The nearly wild camping organization offers places that gives that rough wild camping feel without all the hassle of finding a safe/suitable place to pitch up.

They’ve been growing nicely over the last few years and along with various spots in the UK, they’ve now branched out into Europe (great timing for summer 2018).

As a primer to more remote wild camping, its a good way to give kids (or yourself) a safe taster session. Most sites will let you get some sort of fire on the go and unlike normal wild camping, there’s usually people around should something go wrong.

Been meaning to hit one of the sites up for a nights camp for a while now, but the SWCP Trek got in the way. Now I’m almost setup in Cornwall I’ll have a look at what’s available to see if there’s a place nearby and do a proper review of how it goes 🙂

You can see what this group is all about over at

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