OK, so food is a big part of camping, as getting together something tasty (and not going to line every artery in you body with goo) is important.

Much has been laid down about campsite cooking and you don’t have to dig too deep on outdoor forums and websites to find some great helpful information.

That said, reading about it and witnessing it up close and personal are two very different things!

wild camping video

The Problem

Always trawling through wild camping videos, I’ve noticed a worrying trend lately. People are filming themselves as they chomp through whatever they happen to have at hand.

This in itself shouldn’t be a problem but when you throw in a camera and the need to talk while filming you get a not so nice view of whats going on in the mouth.


Why don’t you just eat then do the filming, maybe show what your eating without burdening us with the act of eating it!.

I just don’t get the thought process involved here?, with all you could film (your camping kit, campsite, the surrounding countryside etc etc). There are so many things but no, you’d rather show us shots of food getting mashed up in your mouth while at the same time struggling to make out what your saying.

We just don’t need to see you eat while looking directly at the camera and talking at the same time!, who needs those images uploaded to the brain.

This could well be an issue I’m facing alone (although I seriously doubt it) and maybe a symptom of gaining more sensitivity or becoming less tolerant (either works for me) as I get older, but I don’t care as it ruins what are otherwise great wild camping videos.

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