Aimless exploring definitely has its charms and when time allows there’s nothing I like doing more than wandering down random tracks in the hope they turn up something good.

This bridleway that heads off from the main road that runs into St Agnes is one I’ve had my eye on for a while, although the lively stream running right next to it has made it a problem with all the rain we’ve had down in Cornwall.

Chanced my arm today and after taking a quick look decided it was worth a go. Unlike the majority of footpaths around this area, this is one of those that are signposted 🙂

I’ve been down to Trevallas Cove countless times and its on the South West Coast Path, but its was good to take a new route and get a different perspective on the surrounding countryside.

One other advantage of this (summer?) track is it cuts out a fair bit of road walking when heading into the metropolis that’s St Agnes. Just to get an idea of trying this when the stream is in full flow, is the fact that the path disappears altogether at one point with only a narrow line of rocks to walk on (and kudos to whoever put them there).

The track goes on for about a mile before ending at the old mining ruins which are still visible in the cove. From there its a short steep climb out of the cove then about a mile walk into St Agnes proper.

There’s a few more pictures below, but I took loads and they’ve been added to the Wanderings Gallery (which is fast approaching almost 600 images!).

Tomorrows weather looks spot on for a first time trip up to St Agnes Beacon, which according some of the locals I’ve spoke to, is well worth the climb up.

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  1. Anna says:

    Sounds and looks lush x

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