Military Glow Sticks are the ultimate survival backup light source that are small and light enough to slot into any backpack or emergency kit. With a shelf life of a few years and up to 12 hours of light once activated they can be used regularly when outdoors or kept tucked away just in case other light sources fail on you.

Working well in enclosed spaces like tents and ideal for “tagging” family and friends with an uninterpretable light source so they are easy to spot in the dark adding a good level of safety to night walking.

What are Military Glow Sticks

Military Glow Sticks

Military Glow Sticks
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There are many glow stick products on the market that are perfect for general use but when relying on something for survival choosing a glow stick with military specification is important.

Military grade glow sticks offer a long operating time with a high level of output along with a better temperature tolerance that leads to good performance in challenging weather conditions.

How do they Work

To get the glow stick going all you need to do is bend it and crack the containers instead to release the two separate chemicals that then combine to give a heat and battery free light source. The color of the light that glow sticks output is produced by a dye added to the mixed chemicals that the light reacts with.

Temperature vs Performance

Even though quality glow sticks have a good heat tolerance under normal conditions some extreme temperatures will produce less than optimal results from any chemical light source.

A very cold glow stick will give off less light as the chemical reaction is slowed but this does mean that it will last a lot longer, whereas making the same stick very hot will greatly increase the reaction and amount of light output along with drastically cutting down on its life span.

Use by Date

These light sticks can be stuck away in your camping or hiking kit for a few years before they have to be replaced which isn’t a problem if you are constantly using them. Checking any survival kit before heading out is a good habit to get into and keeping an eye on how old the glow sticks are so they can be replaced if necessary is important.

Its easy to overlook the condition of something that isn’t used often but history is littered with unfortunate stories of those who would have avoided injury (or worse) with just a bare minimum of functioning survival kit.

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