Do you ever just pop into a shop for a quick browse then end up coming out with a load of stuff you had no intention of buying? This is how my day went yesterday when killing a bit of time waiting for my train home on one of my Friday wanders.

Shopping is a chore as far as I’m concerned and have always adopted a ‘smash and grab’ style, but now and then I’ll find a shop with enough of the right things to keep me interested and take time going through whats on offer. Apart from splashing out on too many overpriced T-shirts!, I bagged some new Karrimor Boots (pictured below).

They look nice now, but give it a few weeks!

Even though my current pair of Karrimor’s still have a little life left in them, they’re getting very loose and feel like they’ve gone from a size 11 to a 13 and with the new ones being £60 it would be rude to have left them on the shelf 🙂

With this weekends weather being poor (lots of rain) it gives me the chance to break these boots in before hitting the mountain, although after having them on for a few hours yesterday, I’m pretty happy with how they feel already.

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