Took another trip out to the woods on Friday to get a fire on the go and cook up some wood smoked (or burnt) meat.

Got a lot more comfortable with this camp ground over the last few weeks, so turned up a bit earlier to get a pile of wood together for the fire. There’s nothing more amusing than stumbling around in the dark looking for wood to burn but I like to avoid it if possible.

sunny woodland campsite

Morning Sun Warming My Bed

Making my way to this spot is becoming harder as the summer is progressing because the paths are overgrowing with spiky nettles. Driving into the head height growth does need my arms and legs covered up to avoid injury, tried finding a easier route but still no luck.

Its OK though, as anything this difficult to reach in the day makes it a non started at night and really cuts back on the chance of visitors.

wood for camp fire

Wood Stock Piled for the Night Ahead

Also took the time to prepare the fire before it got too dark as it takes so much longer when the lights gone.

ready built camp fire

Waiting for Darkness, Fire all Ready to Go 🙂

On the Grill

I was planning a mixture of steak and pork chops but when packing the meat for the trip there was no sign of the steak. It doesn’t last long in our house and its always on a first come first serve basis 🙁

Forgotten how much of a pain pork chops are to cook over an open fire. The amount of fat on them pours into the fire causing flare ups which can really burn the meat.

Manage to get the first 2 spot on with just the right amount of crispy on the fat but the last ones where more than a little blackened.

Still I’ve eating much worse and all that meat did a great job of filling me up.

pork chops on camp fire

Yummy Pork Chops, a Nightmare to Cook but So Worth it

Decided to leave the grill used for cooking at the site, nicely hidden away with the bricks for future use.

Going for the Record

All these local spots means the chance for weekly trips at almost zero cost. This is a world away from the money spent on train fare for the bigger mountain camps and I’m on for a record number of nights sleeping outside this year.

Will have to drag myself up a mountain soon though as I’m missing the exercise

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