Its long been the tradition in our house (at least with the adults) to skip birthday presents and use the money on mountain wild camping instead. With my birthday in June and Michelle’s in August, there’s usually a few days of good weather to be had, although this year hasn’t started too well and we were worried there would be a long wait.

Safe in the knowledge that we had a two day window of nice weather this week, we headed off to the Malvern Hills for a decent walk and (no tent) overnight wild camp. Would have preferred Snowdon but that needs much better weather than we were gifted for camping with just sleeping bags.

malvern hills wild camp

Looking South from the Malvern Hills Beacon

Camping Kit

With overnight temperatures of about 12°C (minus a little for altitude and a slight wind) it was warm enough to do away with a tent altogether and take along lighter weight 2 season mummy bags.

There’s still the usual seep of cold from the ground but our favorite area of the Malvern’s has that nice springy grass that does a great job of separating you from the earth just enough to make a difference.

Malvern camping kit

Minimal Camping at its Best

Trying to eat a bit better lately when off camping we had packed home cooked chicken and a fair amount of fruit. Never need to carry that much water on the Malvern’s because your not too far from a shop and as this was a birthday camp this was accompanied by 2 very nice bottles of Vodka.

Malvern long hair cow

Michelle Saw Something to Cuddle, I just Saw Free Steak 🙂

Sundown from british camp

Sundown from British Camp

Not sure if it was the long hot walk from one end of the hills to the other or having a good go at finishing the Vodka but the moment we’d got all the gear stowed away for the night, we were both asleep within 10 minutes.

Cracking Morning After

Sun up at 5am bought a sharp rise in temperature that made it unbearable to stay inside the sleeping bag. Just the process of extracting myself was enough to wake me up fully, so lay on the grass soaking up the glorious morning sunshine.

malvern reservoir

Morning View of the Malvern Reservoir

Chez chilling

Michelle Chilling in the Morning Sun

Packing up with such great weather is always hard and we cut it down to the bone by working out the amount of time needed to walk back over the Malvern’s to the train station, along with the time the train journey would take back to home base.

As usual, we take sometime going over where we slept to rub out all signs we’d camped there by picking up any stray rubbish and making sure we’d left nothing behind.

clean wild camping

Cleaned Up Camp Ground

Comfortable Wild Camp Routine

We’ve spent so much time walking the Malvern’s that its like camping on autopilot now. Its nice to go somewhere new with all the surprises (not always pleasant) that can bring, but if we’re after a relaxed well rehearsed night out, the Malvern’s get the vote every time.

Injuries this Trip

Utterly amazed at the lack of bodily damage this time round as one of us normally does a header on the huge amount of loose stone that makes up most of the Malvern’s pathways.

Michelle was not spared completely though and she did lean back into a patch of stingy’s that badly scratched both arms and some of her neck 🙂

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