It dawned on me recently who much of a chore traveling has become. Nothings really changed except the annual price rises we see across all transport types, its just a case of seriously not enjoying the process of getting from A to B.

After a lifetime of moving around from country to country you’d think it would have at least desensitize me enough to accept its a necessary part of the process?. Its not altering the things I do (that much), its just that the carrot at the end of the journey now has to be bigger and juicier than before to get me on that bus, train, plane etc.

Exploring Closer to Home

Hoping that I’m just going through a phase and not as Michelle says “slowing down with age” (horrible thing to say to a man) Ive been ripping around the bits of the local area that don’t require getting on any form of transport. Luckily for me this isn’t where I was born, that’s buried under a few decades worth of memories from other places so have routed out some great local walks and seemingly forgotten places in the last few weeks.

I suppose you could class the area where we live as semi-rural being on the edge on a good size town but these places just don’t seem to be getting used and its got me wondering. Do many of us neglect to explore locally and perhaps instead favor traveling to do our walking/camping too much or has getting out for a good morning walk become something that the majority of the human race just doesn’t do anymore?.

The Numbers Don’t Add Up!

Taking the time to get to a mountain or trail in the first place involves a conscious decision that judging by that amount of people we see enjoying some of these areas every summer is a fair few. That said if you take these people as a fraction of the whole population of a country you start to ask yourself what all the others are doing on those glorious long hot summer days?.

OK exercise is exercise and more than a few choose to pay for a gym or class membership to get the blood flowing but does this eat into the apparent huge number of “static” humans living around us.

Is Evolution Taking a Wrong Turn?

Evolution like invention is more rapid in a stressed environment, creatures have adapted faster when they have to struggle or compete for resources and world wars have pushed the boundaries of technology. If there is no daily need to get up and out does that mean our evolution will start to take a whole new direction.

Will technology designed to make our lives easier ultimately much us a weaker, dumber species altogether. No needing to physically exert ourselves to get feed when food is just a click of the mouse away and all the software in the world doing a great job of automating our daily lives?.

Maybe I think too much but its all I seem to do when out walking. Sorry if this post is a little random and off topic compared to what’s usually put up on this website but its good to ramble on a bit sometimes 🙂

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