Its taken all day but things are finally moving along. Took a train ride up to the storage place this morning to get that all booked up and spent the last 4 hours tracking down someone to move my big collection of tech.

Its a testament to this village I live in that even with paying to have my stuff moved 25 miles away its still going to be cheaper in the long term than using the local storage services. Besides I’ve had a look at the place my stuff is going to call home for a while and more than happy that it’ll be safe for a long time.

The initial price quoted by man+van was shall we say a bit over the top (think he thought I was shifting palettes of computers), but after sending a few photos to show it wasn’t that much gear the price came down to something I’m more happy with.

Please God, Don't let it be this!

Please God, Don’t let it be this!

Even more interesting is the fact that a whole years storage is costing me less than 1 weeks rent on my (admittedly cracking) current flat, its just a shame I can’t live in the storage unit 🙂

Gonna miss my nice 5 PC/monitor setup although that will soon ease off pretty quickly after a few nights out wild camping. The excitements starting to build now and I fear things will begin to drag as there’s still 5 more days of sorting things out before I can GTFO.

Have to admit this is the most organised I’ve been when bugging out and a sure sign I’m getting very very old!

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