I collect computers like most people collect books and in an effort to free up more space in the house have spent the last few weeks doing a massive cull of stuff I don’t need anymore. The upside of this is the chance to delve into the hard drives and see if there’s files worth keeping before it all ends up in the skip.

Amongst other media was a series of short video clips taken from a no tent wild camping trip up mount Snowdon in 2007. Armed with a lightweight 2 season mummy bag and a rucksack full of water, it was one of the warmest nights I ever spent on the summit.

I’ve complied the clips together in one long video and unfortunately had to strip out my voice. These clips were never meant to go out to a public audience and apart from the audio being screwed up by the wind, there’s also a fair bit of swearing 🙂

What your seeing is the view from Snowdon as the sun goes down, which switches about half way through to the beautiful morning I had the next day. If your wondering what the rock I picked up towards the end of the video is all about, it’s our tradition to collect one from every mountain we sleep on and as you can imagine we now have more than a few (must get then all together and take some photos).

A Costly Morning Swim

Even though it didn’t know it, the camera used to make this video was nearing the end of it’s existent as it got trashed when I fell into a Tarn on the way down the mountain 🙂 , I was messing about so only have myself to blame.

Good job it was a warm morning or I would half froze half to death. The loss of the camera made it a very expensive trip as it had to be replaced almost straight away.

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