Choosing any kind of light for camping usually comes down to 2 deciding factors, weight and size. Going the traditional battery power light route means your always looking for that trade off between how much the light weighs against how long its going to last on a fresh set of batteries (as carrying spares will add so much unwanted weight to your pack).

This weight/longevity trade off has improved unimaginably since we started using LED’s instead of old style tungsten bulbs but there’s no getting away from the fact that those essential batteries are going to weigh much more than the light source itself.

All this is pretty obvious to anybody who’s always trying to shave a little weight from the load they’re carrying when out hiking or backpacking.

LuminAID solar camping LED light

LuminAID Solar Camping LED Light

Renewable Light Sources

Having a reliable light that doesn’t take up much space/weight and can be powered easily has long been the holy grail of survival and camping lighting with a huge amount of products released on to the market every year.

Some get it wrong, with useless lights that take a near orbit of the sun to get a charge and some find a good balance between output, longevity, weight and that all important charge time (which is crucial if you just happen to live in a country that isn’t guaranteed blistering sunshine most of the time).

Enter the LuminAid Inflatable Solar Light

As with most of the commercial camping products we use, the LuminAID was conceived for use in some of the less developed countries around the world, where an easy to use and reliable renewable light source is more essential than ever.

Who is this Light for?

The Luminaid is designed to give out a fairly low level of light over a long period. Its not going to illuminate your entire campsite but will give a more localized light source, making it ideal for a small area or hanging up inside a tent (the light can be tethered).

blow up solar camping lights

LuminAid in use

Durability is ensured by the almost indestructible nature of LED’s and the tough weather proof material the balloon section of the light is made from. Weighing in at just under 3 ounces makes this something that’s not going to add noticeable extra weight to what your carrying.

You can see More Information on the LuminAID Solar Light Including Customer Reviews Here

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