Camping can sometimes be a messy experience leaving you covered in mud or baked in the hot summers sun and wet wipes will only do so much to keep you clean and fresh. This is where lightweight camping showers can help, operating on a simple system a quality camping shower can be set up very quickly and supply enough water for small groups of campers.

We are going to show the basics and list some of the outdoor showers available at the moment.

How Camping Showers Work

The non electrical gravity fed way that these showers operate is the ideal solution for camping where you want things to “just work” and the less that can go wrong the better.

Stearns SunShower 5 Gallon Camping

Stearns 5 Gallon Camping Shower
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Your shower water is contained in a durable plastic sack that needs to be hung from a tree or the side of a RV and gravity takes care of the rest by pushing the water out through the attached shower head, simple and effective with no moving parts to breakdown.

The water the flow is controlled at the shower head instead of on the water reservoir and a good quality camping shower will come fitted with a thermometer to give an accurate reading of the water temperature inside so you know that its hot enough to be used.

Heating your Camping Shower

If setting up the shower is easy then heating the water is simplicity in its self, just fill the water reservoir up with 5 gallons of water and leave out in the sun until hot.

How long it takes to heat up is hugely dependent on how hot the day is and setting the reservoir out in the morning will make it available for later in the day.

Its advisable to put a towel or a sleeping bag under the reservoir if put onto a rough surface as this will stop any damage and prolong the life of your shower. A 5 gallon model will easily shower 2-3 people and for use with larger groups just increase the number of showers until you have the right capacity.

Camp Shower Privacy Shelters

Portable Shower Camping Privacy Tent

Portable Shower Camping Privacy Tent
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The other part of a camping shower is the privacy shelter which is basically a tent like material cubical big enough to let you shower in. These come with no roof so they can be positioned directly below your hanging camping shower.

Privacy shelters will fold down into a small light package when not in use and some will come bundled with camping showers making a complete shower kit that weighs approx 10lbs.

If you intend to spend more than a few days camping then these types of showers are a great addition to your camping kit.