Powerful LED bike headlamps are designed with the off road rider in mind offering an increased light output over standard bike road lights that are just bright enough to make sure that other drivers see you.

Important factors when choosing a LED bike lamp for off road use are light power output and length of operation per set of batteries and its important to know what to look for to get a bike light that’s going to do the job.

Mounting Options

Sometimes a static handlebar fitted light doesn’t give the flexibility for dealing with changing terrain when riding in the dark and its good to see where you are going before you take that turn, having the choice of fitting the LED lamp to your bike or helmet should come as standard with any quality bike light without having to buy extra pieces to install it.

A purpose built bracket to mount your new headlamp either to the bike of helmet is going to get you going quicker without having to fudge the installation and causing possible disaster when you really don’t need it.

Princeton Tec EOS Bike Headlamp-Black

Princeton Tec EOS Bike Headlamp
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A good level of waterproofing is needed in a bike lamp with the ideal situation being a product that can survive being submerged in at least a meter of water even if its just for short periods. Sticking with this waterproofing benchmark will ensure that the light will survive heavy downpours and if you are unlucky enough to take the bike for a swim.

Princeton Tec Corona Bike Headlamp-Black

Princeton Tec Corona Bike Headlamp
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Battery Life

The last thing you want is to be messing around with the bike light in the dark after the batteries have died so a long operating time from a new set of batteries is needed. This one almost takes care of itself as LED technology gives a massive improvement in power drain compared to the old style power hungry tungsten bulbs.

The longer the battery life the better when choosing a bike light but as some LED bike lights have adjustable light level outputs make sure that the operating time you take note of is the one with the highest output.A good set of rechargeable batteries may give a slightly lower light output from the bike light but will last longer due to a generally higher current rating.

Ease of Use

How easy any light is to use will ultimately come down to personal taste but a good place to start is the size and location of any control buttons. Big well placed buttons that can be operated with gloves on are desirable to avoid the pain of having to stop every time you want to make an adjustment to any LED bike headlamps.