Even though the weather is throwing the odd surprise at the moment (like last weekends sunny weather in the UK), I’m still benched after picking up what seems like an everlasting cold, which is probably the result of hanging about on mountain tops in the rain (so self inflected then 🙂 ).

The next best thing to headed out myself is trawling YouTube for ‘off season’ wild camping videos. Both a source of ideas for future wild camping outings and more than often very funny, here is my latest video pick for November 2015.

Spooks Wood Hammock Camping By Woodsman ocD86

OK, this may not be the most together video this wild camper has done (there are a fair few on his YouTube channel) but there’s a few very good reasons for marking this a favorite.

First up is how close his style of wild camping is to my own (minus the hammock) and how just sticking with it makes all the difference when the weathers against you.

Just watching him try to make a fire with the minimum of kit and knowing it was a one shot deal if it goes wrong, reminds me of many rushed and rain soaked wild camping trips.

WARNING… there is a little strong language in this video but it is kept to a minimum.

Woodsman ocD86 seems to be very responsive when it comes to answering comments left on his videos and looking at a few shows he usually replies to any decent comment or question you put to him.

I hope you enjoy this video and please take a look at some of the other excellent videos on this wild campers channel.

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