The Kids Woobie Sleeping Bags by Kelty are designed with enough fill to cope with low temperatures should the night turn colder than anticipated along with clear access to get your children in and out with a minimum of fuss.

A snug fitting sleeping bag keeps everything that much warmer with less air to heat up before the person inside feels the benefit, have too much room inside and the bodies heat is constantly being used to heat any free space instead of keeping the occupier toasty and warm. Aimed at making it easier to put a sleepy child into the sleeping bag the Woobie’s have full length zips on either side, just undo both zips, peel top of the bag down and place the little one right where you want them (hopefully without waking them too much).

Kids woobie sleeping bag

Kids Woobie Sleeping Bag
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Woobie Quick Specs
Lockable Zips on Both Side of Bag
Temperature Rated to -1°C (30° F)
Available in Bright His/Hers Colors
Zip Draft Tubes
Fits Children Up to 3 Feet Tall
Dimensions :
Length 42 in
Total Weight 2 lb.

For extra comfort at night a micro pillow could be used, these are lightweight and come in a good range of sizes that will fit neatly into the top of the bag.

Camping micro pillows work better than trying to prop the head up from outside the sleeping bag because unlike outside pillows the micro pillow is held in place inside the bag with no chance of it moving around in the middle of the night.


Investing a lot of money in a sleeping bag when there is a good chance your children will outgrow it quickly is always a concern for a parent, thankfully these Kelty products are reasonably priced considering the temp rating and other features.

Making Friends with the Sleeping Bag

Introducing young children to camping gives more the enough to distract them and just because you’ve given them a comfy warm place to sleep doesn’t necessary mean they will reward you with a peaceful night. Short periods with the new sleeping bag at home before heading out will take away the surprise of having to bed down in it for the night.

Bag technology has come a long way since my first camping days (and believe me that’s a long while ago) and something like these Woobie products would have made sleeping on the welsh mountains of my youth a lot more comfortable.

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