So the last 2 weeks has been a cracking rollercoaster of hiking and camping that the recent sunny weather helped to make dam good fun. Not a day has passed without being outdoors walking or hiking up mountains (nearly always with a pack).

As good as its been, I’m starting to think that maybe its all been too much?

You see sleeping in random places and hiking long distances with a heavy pack has got to take its toll eventually. Bumps and scratches seem to be a way of life and something I’ve got used to, like the almost hideous and totally mysterious huge lump on my elbow, which could either be swelling from impact damage or the result of insects having a midnight feed!

How My Spine Should Look!

How My Spine Should Look!

These things happen, but whats really laying me low at the moment is one of those rare (for me at least) back pains. When that nerve in your lower back starts acting up there’s no getting away from it. Every movement is a nightmare and the joy gained from waking up everytime you turn over in bed is boundless.

I know this ‘problem’ will go away in the end, but this doesnt stop me feeling like I’ve suddenly aged 40 years overnight. The one and only upside of this is the merciful way this pain waited until I was safely home before kicking in and not left lying on the grass in a random field somewhere 🙂

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