The Jetboil Sumo camping stove is one of the latest creations from a British company with over a decade of producing cooking solutions for campers, hiking and climbers. Being able to heat up water or food quickly is one of the top safety considerations for many outdoor enthusiasts and Jetboil have made this a priority in the design of their products.


The sumo comes with a reasonable sized 1.8 liter insulated pot with a strap that functions as a study handle but with the benefit of not taking up space when the stove is packed away. The pot fits onto the stove by slotting into the flux ring that not only increases the transfer of heat but allows the sumo to withstand windy conditions with more temperature control instead of having to run the stove a full blast just to keep it alight on those less than perfect days.

Jetboil Sumo Camping Stove

Jetboil Sumo Camping Stove
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  • Push button piezo-electric
  • 1.8 Liter cooking cup
  • Thermo-Regulate technology
  • Drink through lid
  • Insulating cup with strap
  • Stabilizer tripod included

The insulated cooking cup is a space saver in it self, any heated fluid can be drank straight from the cooking pot without the need to transfer it to another container first. This saves on at least a few items cluttering up your backpack along with doing away with extra cleaning.

When not in use the gas canister fits nicely inside the cooking cup giving a further saving by using up otherwise empty space.

That All Important Weight

This 16 oz stove goes a long way to cutting back on overall weight in a pack but add some of the extras like a purpose built frying pan and the weight starts to stack up while also eating into available space. It does represent a good weight to features ratio and although the are much lighter stoves available for ultra light backpacking coming in at about 4 oz they are a lot more basic.

Even with all the lightweight materials available to us some equipment stills needs to be tailored to suit the situations we intend to use them in.

Down the Line

A long outdoor life is less than kind to moving parts and it has to be accepted that although a piezo-electric starter is a nice touch they rarely survive a few seasons of poor weather and experience has taught us to carry a good lighter for the day that spark dies.

The speed this stove works at is highly dependent on using the right Jetboil accessories to achieve maximum heat transfer and even though it can be used as a conventional stove to get the full benefit any damaged cooking pots and pans will have to be sourced from the manufacturer.

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