Taking great pictures in the outdoors when water is present used to be confined to those who could afford high end durable equipment. This is no longer the case as mobile phone cameras get better and better all the time.

Waterproofing a piece of electronics is simple enough if you don’t want to use it, although that gets difficult when trying to take pictures in conditions that could be the end of what can be a very expensive item to replace.

I’ve gone into the meaning of various IPX ratings before and the basic principle is the higher the number after ‘IPX’ the better waterproofing you can expect. For more clarity you can find a good explanation here.

The amazon reviews for these for these Mpow case are impressive (that’s probably why its a current bestseller) with many people looking very happy with the case. One review that caught my eye though (not sure if its a joke or not) was on the negative side because even the the case is waterproofed, the buyer maybe thought it would float also and now their phone is permanently under water somewhere!

Please Read the Instructions

This isn’t a one case fits all mobile option and to use these products safety please read the details about the types of phones they will work with properly before parting with any cash.

There’s also a great deal of additional information mixed in with the reviews on the ways that customers are using them (well worth looking at before buying if only for piece of mind).

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